• For me CM means not Chief Minister but Common Man.Narendra Modi
  • If you have compassion for society, only then will the events of your life, sow seeds it...Narendra Modi


  • vijay dholariyamy self vijay dholariya leave in vapi dist.valsad.18 year....i have businessman it...last 18 year..i am interest bjp it sale...please tetail share.....
  • TejalOnly need your help,as government it's possible from your side sir?
  • Pravin CharanI proud on my CM Rupani sir. Vande matram
  • Mukesh sadrani advocateSir There is very hardship in change of name like mukeshbhai..Mukeshkumar...kabtilal.. kantibhai...for passport..election or job ..so there should be goverment nitification that lal bhai or kumar should ignore after name ...
  • Rahulbhai mardiyaComment- shri Nathji-11mavdi Raod Rajkot
  • Akash PatelRespected Chief Minister, I request you that kindly provide free transportation services to board exam student for few days during exam.. I see that Every party arrange rikchaw facility during election for voter so why not every party arrange rikchaw for board student for few days of exam..That are future voters so it gives you benefit... Thanks for read my post... Regards, Akash Patel
  • Ankur patelI want to join bjp.in education cell. To give my bst services to party.. with my zeel and zest
  • jaiminibhai bhuti want to join bjp it cell
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Gujarat BJP Cell

Under the guidance of Hon'ble Chief Minister and State President/General Secretary and with the help of state BJP leaders, we have tried to make working strategy of cells to fulfill political objectives and create a pro-BJP atmosphere to reach the maximum voters.

  1. To organise Pradesh Karobari of each cell at state level in the presence of Cell - Prabhari and senior state leaders of the party.
  2. To get guidance from cell related respective Minister from Government of Gujarat.
  3. To invite and get guidance from Cell related party experts and experts of various institutes.
  4. As far as possible organise full day Karobari and have detailed discussion on the specific agenda.
  5. Instead of taking on random points, discuss on pre - framed proper agenda on the subject.
  6. Make efforts for maximum presence of convener/co-convener from all districts in Pradesh Karobari and guide them to perform similar activities at their best at district level.
  7. In Pradesh Karobari - give pilot ideas so that different Cells can work (perform) with co-ordination for various "Karyakram" (programmes)
  8. If it is useful Pradesh Karobari of certain Cell can be organised at appropriate district places and give importance to regional issues.
  9. Organise zonal Karobari and discuss priority issues as per local socio-economic and political need.
  10. If it is necessary, organise joint Zonal Sammelan of Cells.
  11. Guide the district convener to organise districts Karobari as per pattern of state Karobari.
  12. In each Pradesh Karobari discuss,
    1. the issues and points related to common man
    2. Strategy to solve and help them
    3. The policies and proccedures to make Civic services more useful and efficient
    4. Recommend it to respective institute like government, Corporation, Panchayat by the means of Cells So that confidence and trust of the people in BJP will be strengthened.
  13. In all such meeting, take the benefit of knowledge and experience of state leaders, ministers, chairman of different board nigam; in addition to that at the district level, discuss in detail in presence of leader whomsoever is available from MP, MLA, head of civic bodies, councilor or elected person of various panchayat.
  14. Organise “Periodical Review” meeting of all the Cells jointly in the presence of State President & General Secretary.
  15. If necessary, prepare "Manual of Cells" for better working of Cells - individually & jointly. And circulate it in all the districts so that Karyakram and working of the Cell can be monitored by local district sangthan.


By having such a micro planning and creating such a broad - base strategy we have initiated functioning of cell. With this frame, we can raise general sentiment and roaring atmosphere in favour of BJP in forth coming election 2012. All the state cell convener are briefed according to this strategy. And they are asked to follow it in their meeting.

State Cell Convener